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Headaches / Migraine

Headaches are one of the most common illnesses in Australia, with around 15 per cent of us taking painkillers for a headache at any given time.

Headache & Migraine Treatment Noble Park

Because headaches are so common, most people think they are a normal part of life. However, a persistent headache is a sign that something is wrong. The continual use of pain medication to combat headaches is akin to removing the warning light that alerts you to a problem in your car! Medication doesn’t solve your headache; it simply offers a short-term solution to dull the pain.


Common causes of headaches include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Joint stiffness
  • Injuries to the neck
  • Stress
  • Dental or jaw problems
  • Eye strain
  • High blood pressure
  • Some medications
  • Hormonal problems
  • Disorders of the nose, ear or throat


Chiropractic Care is an extremely effective treatment for headaches caused by muscle tension and joint stiffness in the neck.  By restoring proper movement to the spinal joints of the neck and removing knots in the muscles, your chiropractor is able to significantly reduce the presence of joint stiffness, muscle tension, and associated nerve irritation, helping to alleviate the cause of your headaches.