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Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints. In osteoarthritis, cartilage in the joints breaks down, causing pain and stiffness in the joint. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis.

Arthritis Treatment Noble Park

Osteoarthritis is generally an irreversible process however treatment is directed towards the manifestations of osteoarthritis (OA). That is, OA causes nearby muscles to become tight and joints to stiffen. It is often these factors that contribute to the pain. If these factors are treated (muscles and joints made looser) then the pain and general stiffness that a person feels can often be improved.

The joints in the body that are most affected by OA include the spine, hip, knee and fingers.


A chiropractor can assess for OA by feeing the joint and testing its range of motion.   A simple x-ray is another good method of evaluating the extent of OA at a particular joint.  Chiropractors often refer patients for spinal x-rays to see how much osteoarthritic change is occurring the patient’s spine.


The type of treatment provided usually depends on the level of OA present.  That is, the more OA present (as is often seen in older patients) then the more likely the treatment will be on the gentler side.   At this clinic, patients with significant OA in their spine are generally managed with massage and gentler mobilisation techniques.  This is complemented by stretches and mobility exercises that the patient is encouraged to do regularly at home to help ease stiffness.